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We Understand

At the San Diego Special Education Advocate Team we are first and foremost parents of special needs children ourselves. We understand what it’s like to have a child with special needs and the impact it has on your family. Parents often feel isolated, left to their own devices to figure out what resources their children need and how to go about attaining them. Our children often have significant difficulty in school. They underachieve academically, have behavior and struggle socially. Sometimes the school system does not provide the information and services needed and parents ask themselves “am I making the right decisions for my child?”

What we do

Our advocates strive to educate and empower our clients. We help you develop self-confidence, organizational skills and knowledge of your rights. Your advocate will work collaboratively with you so you can see meaningful progress in your child’s education. We are skilled mediators and work respectfully with educational teams guiding them towards solutions. Our office is networked with many exceptional special needs providers. We know who to refer you to for an evaluation or service that will help progress your case. Our advocates have personal and professional experience in many areas of special needs and are Certified Special Education Advocates. We listen, observe, collaborate and advise. We stand by you in meetings. And we speak for you in the best interest of your child. 

How we are different

Although our clients retain one of our advocates, our team is always working together for you. Each of our advocates has different areas of expertise and experience. Together, we collaborate in the best interest of your child. Beyond our ability to service you in your special education needs, we are well networked in the special needs community and are happy to refer you to services or support groups for your family.  We work in conjunction with Special Education Attorneys right here in our office suite and in other law offices throughout the county. Together, we develop a “big picture” strategy for your case and ensure it remains viable should your case proceed to due process.  If your case does proceed to due process, we are able to smoothly transition you to an attorney already familiar with your case.

"If a child cannot learn in the way we teach, then we must teach in a way a child can learn."

 - Ignacio Estrada 

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